FitVap™ Powerball

Unleash Your Inner Power by this Innovative Gyro Exerciser!

FitVap™ Powerball
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The FitVap™ Powerball gyroscope is an addictive, multifaceted device that is rapidly spreading across the world into the hands of athletes and people who want entertainment!

It also positively influences the rehabilitation of injured wrist and elbow joints!

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Exercises Wrists and Hands

Spins at up to 15,000+ RPM to exercise and strengthen wrists and hands. It also has a positive effect on the regeneration of injured wrist and elbow joints!

Smart Design

Patented FitVap™ Powerball gyroskope is small and compact but provides ample resistance via angular momentum for an intense workout, generate 70,2 lb-in of torque at 12,000 RPM

Simple Operation

Easily turns on via the built-in spring so you can pick it up and get started

Rugged, Long-Lasting Design

Made with a military-grade plastic shell, a break-resistant structure and reversible inner tracks for 2X lifespan

Easy To Use

No batteries required; You can get a challenging, strengthening workout anytime, anywhere, even on your lunch break

Precision Made by its inventor

Computer balanced inner gyroscopic rotor with Stainless Steal Axle